Window Cleaning


As we all know, windows do not clean themselves, at least not yet that is. Having been providing commercial window cleaning now for over 28 years, we have seen pretty much all you can see in terms of roofs and buildings and how the windows must be accessed in order to clean them. We can help you determind the best and most cost effective method to achieve your goal of clean windows whether it be decent control (chair work), susspended scafolding ( stage work ), or lift work or water fed pole work or simply by ladder.

Window Cleaning


Pressure washing is something that is often overlooked but is a service that's value can not be. Dirty sidewalks that are stained with moss, dirt, coffee , and who knows what else are a huge problem that pressure washing solves. We own a lot of commercial power washing equipment as well as trailers and water trucks to bring our own water to your site. We are equiped to seperate water from oil prior to discharge to storm drains when required. Let us help you determine the best method to keep your surfaces looking great.

Window Cleaning


We are very versed at cleaning gutters and roofs on residential properties. Gutters are always cleaned out by hand and care is given to assure debris does not end up going down the downspouts.


When clients only have loose debris on roofs, usually air or sweeping works out fine. If moss, usually we will recommend using a green product to kill the moss, then returning at a later date to come back and hard bristle brush it off. If the moss is creating a problem and we feel the roof can handle a low pressure, pressure wash we will proceed very carefully to pressure wash it. On Metal roofs, pressure washing is a quick way to clean the roof. With wood shake, air works great for debris, but for moss pressure washing is the preferred method. We have experience in applying roof treatments to wood shake roofs after cleaning and it is recommended.


We recommend using baking soda or laundry detergent and letting it sit for a good week or so in nice weather. A little rain is not a bad thing, but a lot of rain would not be good when this product is on the roof. This is an effective way to kill moss on your roof.

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