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Learn the trade and be your own boss with Clean & Happy local Franchsises

We all look for a career that can be the solution for providing for our family and making a life for ourself. Even if we're loyal to a company for years in the modern economy we can no longer trust an employer to be loyal to us. Only be taking control of our career and future do we truly have the security and the potential that is only inhibited by our hard work. Clean & Happy was founded on these principles of freedom, security and hardwork, by learning a trade that anyone with dedication can achieve. Find out if a Clean & Happy Franchise is right for your.

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Why A Clean & Happy Franchise?

We all know that new small businesses have a greater chance of failure than proven business models. Franchises are popular because it allows anyone with ambition and hardwork into a proven system on day one so it allows them a better chance at success. Clean & Happy has been in business in the Northwest Puget Sound region since 1990 refining a model that keeps overhead low and profit up. With Clean & Happy franchises we offer onboarding training and ongoing support to get you where you need to be.

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A Business Model that's Always Open

Unlike the starting a novelty shop or restaraunt, cleaning services are always in a necssesity. The seasons always come an go, gutters fill up, windows get dirty and moss grows and grime grows. Clean & Happy Windows addresses all these basic residential and small commercial needs that assure a constant stream of customers and reoccuring customers.

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What are the Costs?

One of the reasons why Clean & Happy Franchises are so great is because the low low startup costs and one of the most unheard of franchising fees in the business. With just a truck, some ladders and a few supplies you can be off an running. Let us show you how little it can take for us to get you on your way to career freedom. CLICK HERE for the latest General Average Franchise Costs.

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Want to know more?

We would love the opportunity to answer all your questions. Please send us your email and we would will give you a call at your convenence. Clean & Happy Franchises are a new opportunity and available Nationwide and in Canada.

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